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Sad...I don't know anyone anymore. :nonod:

I go M.I.A. with a crazy busy summer, never got a chance to sign on, moved into a new house, had to wait 1.9 million years for the cable peops to hook up the 'net and now look. I don't know anyone :nonod:

Oh well, I'll just jump right back in!

Where's my partner in crime, Captain??? I don't see him on here anymore.
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CJD doesn't really post much anymore..


DJ and Matt are still around and still mods..but don't get on nearly as much as they use to.

I'm still here... with 2 titles... mod & :king: :whore: Does that mean I win a prize or somin? :lol:

:welcome: back BRG!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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