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Mapping without a powercommander?

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I was looking to buy a powerCommander but a buddy of mine at the Bike shop said it wasn't nessasary cause he could remapp my stock computer on my 98 GSXR-750 without the need of a PowerCommander......i have a two brothers racing full exhaust so my bike is running a little rich so i need to lean it out a this really possible i thought you need a Powercommander on a my bike in order to mapp it?????????????? :bash:
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Gas Man said:
Just didn't think it was being that old...
An older Gixxer is still better that newish(slightly road rashed) KAW. :wink: Kaw didnt know what FI was till last year. They spend more R&D money on the lawn and garden tractors than on the bikes. That is also a true statement. :screwy:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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