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Mapping without a powercommander?

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I was looking to buy a powerCommander but a buddy of mine at the Bike shop said it wasn't nessasary cause he could remapp my stock computer on my 98 GSXR-750 without the need of a PowerCommander......i have a two brothers racing full exhaust so my bike is running a little rich so i need to lean it out a this really possible i thought you need a Powercommander on a my bike in order to mapp it?????????????? :bash:
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Most Dealer shops have a Yosha program that can reflash your factory cdi.
It does the same thing as the PC but, they better know what they are doing.
If they use a preset map it will be fine. :dthumb:
If they try to custom build a map without a dyno, then look out. :skep:
At my dealer it is like $200+
Ill get the PC and change if I want to for free.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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