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March Madness

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It's probably a stupid question, but any tournament fans here?
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pickle.of.doom said:
I bet that MSU falls to Old Dominion today.... if not, there's no way in hell they make it past Syracuse.
POD, I dont like that kind of talk (MSU Alumni, here) LOL
I would love to see (not that it will happen) OU beat NC today. Everyone seems to think Illinois is going to take it all. I think they will go to FInal 4 and get knocked out. I have Louisville (4) winning it all against Wisconsin (6). MSU will beat Syracuse, but lose to Duke.
pickle.of.doom said:
Hehe Sorry Ace, MSU fan here too, but I just really don't think this is their year. I dont think this is their group of players. Most are seniors, and I am looking forward to seeing the next group that comes in.

I dont think we will ever see a group like the 2000 bunch that won the title. I was a senior that year and knew AJ Granger and Jason Klein. There was more tail at the B Ball parties. Those got got all the bitches! LOL :thumbs:
There are a few people in the ESPN pools that are 100% in their picks thus far. How the hell they could do that with a few major upsets I dont know. Asdide from possibly filling out a million brackets.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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