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March Madness

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It's probably a stupid question, but any tournament fans here?
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Well I took Oklahoma all the way and if they lose it is all Pig's fault.. You will owe me $10 Pig.. lol..

I want my $10 back punk! The Sooners blow! Damnit! I took them all the way just because of your avatar(s).. lol..

Hook em down my arse.. They hooked themselves into sucking.. WTF, over?

lol.. Like I ever had a chance of winning - I need to do Konstanza betting - bet the opposite of what I think.. Damnit..
Ace said:
There are a few people in the ESPN pools that are 100% in their picks thus far. How the hell they could do that with a few major upsets I dont know. Asdide from possibly filling out a million brackets.
They were Konstanza betting for sure.. Hey I am # 90 out of 115 people in the pool - think I have a shot?? lol..

I am praying for vicious defeat of the Sooners to the Longhorns for the next 5 years as punishment for screwing me.. Damnit.. lol.. In 2008 when I take over they will be extradicted to a 3rd world country - the whole lot of them.. I might save their football team but the bb team is OUTTA here...
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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