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March Madness

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It's probably a stupid question, but any tournament fans here?
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double2000r6 said:
Well I took Oklahoma all the way and if they lose it is all Pig's fault.. You will owe me $10 Pig.. lol..
Shyt, I could have told you they won't go all the way.. :lol: I had them going to Elite 8, but the shots just didn't fall yesterday. They didn't play that bad, but when you can't hit the 3, it's kind of hard to spread a defense.

Final 4 next year, though, everyone's coming back.

This tourney has been nuts, I've never seen this many upsets. Watch Milwalkee Wisconsin beat Illinois. :crazy:
double2000r6 said:
They were Konstanza betting for sure.. Hey I am # 90 out of 115 people in the pool - think I have a shot?? lol..

I am praying for vicious defeat of the Sooners to the Longhorns for the next 5 years as punishment for screwing me.. Damnit.. lol.. In 2008 when I take over they will be extradicted to a 3rd world country - the whole lot of them.. I might save their football team but the bb team is OUTTA here...

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1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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