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MaRch MaDnESS-

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LSU 62 DUKE 54!
YEAH! Bye bye DUKE, GEAUX TIGERS! (pumping fist and dancing a jig)

ok thanks for your time :D
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Basketball sucks, but good job to lsu

well there is one thing worse than basketball, women's basketball and they like that a lot around here.
Dale Earnhardt is still dead and basketball still sucks monkey balls.
Pigface1 said:
Just because Tennessee isn't worth a **** and you always got cut from the team when you tried out doesn't mean it sucks.
Never wanted to play basketball, they always made us play it in Gym class. It got really old and I always thought it was boring. I played Lacrosse and was captain and lettered in it all four years I played. Could of played on the college level but thought education was more important. Played Hockey, but not for the school because they don't school teams in Tenn. Also played a couple seasons of Baseball, Football, and Soccer. I enjoy sports, just not basketball.

I don't like Tennessee basketball, I don't really like Tennessee sports at all. I just went the school there. I am actually from Louisiana and grew up watching the Tigers (not basketball), I don't like their basketball either. Still keep track of their baseball team, not so much as I use to, because I hate Smoke.
oh well, better luck next year. How many games are left til I don't have to see this on the sports page anymore?
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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