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MaRch MaDnESS-

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LSU 62 DUKE 54!
YEAH! Bye bye DUKE, GEAUX TIGERS! (pumping fist and dancing a jig)

ok thanks for your time :D
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the final four:D
Pigface1 said:
JK_Dilla, I had LSU > Duke in my bracket, and UCLA going Final 4. :dthumb:
not bad. the only one i got right was Florida. The rest of my bracket isnt worth mentioning. :D
LSU 45 UCLA 59

Wow was THAT ugly. UCLA did a great job getting lsu out of their game and into theirs. Made the tigers look as young as they are. UCLA and FLORIDA on monday, should be good.
just one Vol. MOnday-
lets bookend this thread


Its an SEC team so its good enough. I agree Pigface, the F4 was a bit of a stinker, but not for florida fans. And because Vol LOOOOOOVES womens BB: Maryland 78 Duke 75 :D
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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