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Marijuana on sale at Target

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Only $25.25 and free shipping. :here: :dthumb:

real target ad
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LMAO!!! Why not? Target sells everything else. Probably a Target owned by a Brazilian drug lord.

ANd if that's only for a dime bag....Can we say rip off.

Not that I would know about that or anything. :whistle:
Need4Speed750 said:
somebody in targets web design dept is gettin his pink slip for this screw up!!
Ya think?!?!?!?! :lol: Either that it was some hacker thinking it was cool.
Tippy said:
Oh well I guess I am skipping out of work to go and check out this sale at Target but it better not be a dime bag because I will be :cursin: up a storm.

I heard Marijuana and Target
LMAO!!!! Well...I have an SUV that we can stuff a whole bunch of people in. Might get a little smokey, but we can always crack a window... :lol:
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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