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Sharing this story as a bit of a personal endeavor. It was a great experience, and wanted to share my thoughts for other newer riders out there. Here is a quick intro, and then link below.

Trips like this always sound like such a great idea… You have somewhere you need to be in a certain time frame, and the weather looks clear. There are important personal matters requiring resolution on a Monday morning, and with my initial plan to fly now gone askew, I was staring into the driveway at the Africa Twin and pondering. How hard could it be, right?

All told, I still call myself a rookie rider. I spent some time riding dirt bikes as a teen and spent a couple of years licensed and riding in Vancouver, though that chapter came to a close in 2005. Riding again extensively for a touch over a year now (with some professional instruction along the way to dust off those old skills), I’m on the road a lot, though miles from ever calling myself a seasoned/veteran rider. Prior to this potentially overzealous undertaking, I’d never logged more than a couple continuous riding hours in a day.
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