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mech question for 06 600 cbr f4i

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hi i've had my 600 since oct. my first bike i've taken it in for its 600 mile first tune up and it was make a loud clanking sound when i put it in gear and when i shifted from 1st up to 2 nd and sometimes i would hear it when i hit 3rd ii told the mech at the place i bought it and they said with the oil chang and the tighting of the chain it should go away but it hasnt is this normal or is there something else i should look for iam no mech myself so i really dont know what to look for and it does it when its warmed up and not just when the bike cold or its cold out side i live in tucson arizona so its pretty warm i also wondering if its my shifting maybe i am not shifting right. i dont know somebody plz help me. also what is the best lube for the chain i can buy that will hold up but not collect alot of road dirt. any thoughts i am opened for and would be very thankful.:cry:

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SVupON1 said:
:welcome: newtothegame:twfrox:
Are you pulling the clutch in all the way when you shift? It's somewhat common to hear a little click when you switch gears, but nothing too loud or rough.
thanks for the welcome and yes i do pull the clutch in all the way i sometimes think i make myself think the sound is more than what it really is who knows but thanks for the info i will welcome more if you think of any
jeeps84 said:
Some bikes (even of the same make) are pickier than others about shifting.
I think it (mostly you) will get better with time and practice. The mesh of a bike tranny is so much closer than a car. You have to have the RPM's matched much closer to your shift points.
and thanks too you also jeeps hopefully i will get better with time :cheers:
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