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mech question for 06 600 cbr f4i

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hi i've had my 600 since oct. my first bike i've taken it in for its 600 mile first tune up and it was make a loud clanking sound when i put it in gear and when i shifted from 1st up to 2 nd and sometimes i would hear it when i hit 3rd ii told the mech at the place i bought it and they said with the oil chang and the tighting of the chain it should go away but it hasnt is this normal or is there something else i should look for iam no mech myself so i really dont know what to look for and it does it when its warmed up and not just when the bike cold or its cold out side i live in tucson arizona so its pretty warm i also wondering if its my shifting maybe i am not shifting right. i dont know somebody plz help me. also what is the best lube for the chain i can buy that will hold up but not collect alot of road dirt. any thoughts i am opened for and would be very thankful.:cry:

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it will get better on the next change as well...... by aobut 4-6K mi itll be bout at its prime for shifting. Kawis do that a bit too.

But also, try shifting clutchless, itll shift smoother and make the clutch plates last longer anywyas... Just while riding, when reeady to shift up, pull the shifter up.... no clutch.. Hold the pressure then let off the gas and itll go right up into the next gear smoothly... DONT do the same thing going downwards... least in the lower may put ya on the ground.

Kawis do that too.

I guess for the best bikes you gotta take a flaw or two right? hahaha
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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