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If you will be at, Oct 20-23, make sure to stop by the 2Wheel Tuner booth and get the latest on Metric Revolution. :readng:

The "Metric Revolution" a new television series premiering in 2006, is launching the first ever all metric motorcycle build-off at Biketoberfest 2005. The newly renovated Shores Resort and Spa has been chosen as the location to film the first episode of this 13-week series. The 1st episode of the series will feature the top 25 custom motorcycle builders receiving a brand new stock motorcycle in which they will have 4 months to totally customize. Shooting will begin on Friday, October 21 with the Metric Revolution crew filming highlights and events throughout the Daytona Beach area. A photo shoot with the selected builders and some of the nation's hottest models will take place on Saturday afternoon at The Shores.

A VIP party with a guest list containing the who's who in the industry is scheduled for Saturday evening. The main show will be filmed on Sunday with all the selected builders showing off their entry motorcycles and receiving a brand new motorcycle in which they will customize. "We are very excited to be shooting this first episode here in Daytona the home of biker events world-wide. This is the perfect location to kick-start the first ever all-metric television series and we couldn't get a better crowd of bikers to help make this a huge success," stated Danielle Spandau, Executive Producer of the Metric Revolution, "We are going to bring you the "American Idol" of biker build-offs!"

The Metric Revolution is a national television series offering metric bike owners, builders and enthusiasts an exclusive behind the-scenes look at the evolution of the custom motorcycle industry. The series, scheduled to make its national debut on network broadcast early 2006, will bring the exciting world of radical custom motorcycles into the living room of enthusiasts across the U.S.

Multi-Media Marketing and Production, Inc. the creators of the "Metric Revolution" is an independent marketing and production firm that develops and produces programs for national broadcast, cable, and satellite television.

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Looks interesting, BUT.....
When is someone going to build a "custom" bike that doesn't look the same as all the other "custom" bikes?? :scratch:

Sorry, I forgot!

Britten, Hunwick-Hallam, Drysdale, Buell.

I don't get the fascination with Hardley_Dangerous lookalikes. God invented Rake & Trail for a reason!! (about the same time she invented Brembos and Upside-down Forks!!)



P.S If you want to see enough Carbon Fibre bodywork, custom suspension and engineering perfection to make you drool, check out

I had the awesome experience of being involved with the World Solar Car Challenge recently (in a support capacity only). The cars were a credit to the builders (Mainly Uni students) and I was loving just getting in close to see these machines.


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Well, my parents just moved down there so maybe next year I'll be wanting to hit Daytona bike week. They are going to snow bird themselves and be about 1 hour from Tampa and about 2 hours from Daytona... now I have to figure out if I should haul the bike down or rent something.
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