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Michael Jackson Carbon Fiber Replacement Nose

Up for auction is a Genuine carbon fiber replacement nose. This can be used to cover up faulty cosmetic surgery, post-operative cave-ins, ect. This is a unique, one of a kind item...

Ebay Link

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Low said:
(In my best crappy South Africian voice)

But with that people might think he's...Black :screwy:

(Murtaugh: "Just wait and see, cops never let up! You know! I'll have rubbers on my desk, rubbers in the mail, rubbers in my coffee, rubbers rubbers rubber... If you had only kept your mouth shut!"

Riggs: "You know what they say Rog, IN one ear and out the rubber"

Sorry had memories of Lethal Weapon II

I'm such a :loser: :lol:
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