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Michael Jordan Motorsports/Suzuki

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Jordan team will be racing full AMA super bike season.
Go Steve Rapp :cheers:
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Yeah that sucks. Rapp was cool with me but now he is a Jordan whore. Altho I understand, he might now have a bike he can get in to the top 5 with.
I am a Jordan supporter, basketball, motorsports, baseball, whatever.... Ok, maybe not baseball but the best thing he did was add Pridmore/Rapp... Stewart is/was garbage!!! He rarely made it through a race without crashing. I am not saying dude can't ride but damn there are alot more privateers better than he is.

Yeah the only reason Stewart got a ride is because he gave Jordan good head. He was a joke in CCS and an even bigger joke in AMA.

:sorry: I need to be verbally house broken
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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