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Michelin Pilot Powers and Amsoil @ WOS Track Days

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Man what an awesome weekend! We went to Gratten and the weather was great, the track was as good as could be expected this time of year and other than a couple of minor incidents (off the track BTW) it was a perfect weekend. I won't go into detail about the "other" stuff but Dyno and I hung pretty tight all weekend and we had alot of fun passing each other. Yes we were getting lapped being our first track day but we were lapping other people as well so we were not the slowest by far.. I am most definately doing more track days and hopefully SOON.. Here are some pics...

1. MP's R6 in the trailer begging to be unloaded and beat on
2. 2 R6s - Dynos with the race plastics and MP's along with Twisty's GSXR 750 - I guess 2 out of 3 bikes ain't bad.. Damn GSXR tainted that pic.. lol..
3. Rev's Monster
4. Twisty's race R6 - now that is what I am talking about
5. In the "WOS" garage Sunday morning that we rented for a mere $30.. Hey Haz when we said "give it some gas" we didn't mean it like that.. lol.. Actually bad joke because that mfr was lapping me not once but twice per session - him and Twisty are bad mfrs..
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WOS Track Day @ Gratten

Okay, now that I am finally unloaded and sacked out in front of the computer for a while, here is my limited contribution. The first two is Twisty and I having a little bit of fun with our favorite Ducati rider before entering the track. Twisty's Race Ready R6 is hanging out in the back of Pippi's truck with Pippi's weekend racer on the driver side and Desmo900Rider Wife's 750 on the passenger side. Next shot is us killing time waiting for the track to open. It's looking a little cloudy, but those will break up before lunch. The last two are back at the ranch with MudPuppy's Blue R6 in the front and my Technicolor R6 going the wrong direction in the back of the trailer.
The first one is the trailer after all the crap had been cleared away to actually get the bikes out. Next three is my R6 in all her glory -NOT- it's looking like Twisty's old TL right about now. Fortunately all the factory bits were re-installed tonight, so now I just need to con my buddy into fixing some of the cracks and repainting it to something a little more unifrom. Next track day she'll look as fast as she is.....
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