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Michelin Pilot Powers and Amsoil @ WOS Track Days

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Man what an awesome weekend! We went to Gratten and the weather was great, the track was as good as could be expected this time of year and other than a couple of minor incidents (off the track BTW) it was a perfect weekend. I won't go into detail about the "other" stuff but Dyno and I hung pretty tight all weekend and we had alot of fun passing each other. Yes we were getting lapped being our first track day but we were lapping other people as well so we were not the slowest by far.. I am most definately doing more track days and hopefully SOON.. Here are some pics...

1. MP's R6 in the trailer begging to be unloaded and beat on
2. 2 R6s - Dynos with the race plastics and MP's along with Twisty's GSXR 750 - I guess 2 out of 3 bikes ain't bad.. Damn GSXR tainted that pic.. lol..
3. Rev's Monster
4. Twisty's race R6 - now that is what I am talking about
5. In the "WOS" garage Sunday morning that we rented for a mere $30.. Hey Haz when we said "give it some gas" we didn't mean it like that.. lol.. Actually bad joke because that mfr was lapping me not once but twice per session - him and Twisty are bad mfrs..
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On track pics..

Ok so these are the greatest and I am hoping Pippi and Amy took better pics that I should have soon and I will post them but here is something to start with...

1. Flyby and Haz
2. Haz, Twisty, MP & Dyno - in that order - trust me Dyno and I were far behind those two fast ass mfrs by about 2 turns later - just happened that we all just got on the track at that point
3. Twisty about ready to lap some mfrs
4. MP (3rd back) and Dyno right behind
5. Haz
Yeah hooked isnt the word for it. Oh and the whole reason, partial reason, for my post - Fugging Pilot Powers ROCK! They are awesome tires - they hook up well.. The Amsoil I put in was awesome as well - bike was running sweet..
I am hoping Pippi and Amy send me some good ones.. Not sure if Amy will remember my email though - might have to call Flyby to get those..
I got some video just haven't looked at it yet to see how good it is.. Pip can you please email me any and all pics as well? I would appreciate it..
Ok so Rev and I are picture/video illerate.. I was trying to focus the damn video camera that was on auto focus the whole time and Rev didn't know there was an on/off button - he was filming the entire time - makes for entertaining video of Rev's hand going by every now and again and Rev walking.. lol.. Rev's footage is better than mine as I was trying to focus the whole time and made it choppy as hell.. Neither of us zoomed in.. Next time we need a dedicated camera professional.. I have 2 or 3 people that want to come check it out - not ride just watch - so I think next track day we will have great pictures / video and if all else fails my good friend is a professional photographer and I am sure some beer and a few bucks would get him out there.. It is a good thing Pippi got some good pictures because mine are wretched.. I need to call Flyby tomorrow and find out the status of those pics as well..
More pics...

A couple more...

1. Square up that ramp there Rev she already went down once - DOH!
2. Some random bikes
3. Took this first thing and come to find out later in the day the bike in back of the pickup turned out to be my and Dyno's instructor's SV
4. Some more random bikes
5. Another random bike
and just for good measure...

a couple more pics...

1. Inside the WOS garage
2. A couple of R6s with new Pilot Powers - what could be better?
3. Twisty making some last minute "adjustments" outside the WOS garage..
4. Twisty about to make a pass
5. Flyby making his rounds
Pippi said:
Yes, I got some decent pics - Twisty is going to do some cropping/fixing and then post em up.

No, no vid - forgot the video camera.
Ok time's up - forget all the cropping, etc. - No fix required - just post em and send whatever you have via email.. I need to call Brian as well.. Does anyone have his email?
Gas Man said:
I'm with ya MP... we need pics!

But in their defense...they were gone all w/e at Fast Trax school thing...
I understand but I don't need "edited photos" (say that in a yuppy gray pupon voice) - I just need the raw footage - I will decide what makes the cut.. I can chop and crop with the best of them.. Just GIVE ME THE GOODS OR THE LITTLE GUY GETS IT.. :bthorse: :bthorse: :bthorse: :bthorse: :bthorse: :bthorse: :bthorse: :bthorse: :bthorse:
Still no pics, WTF, over? Send the pics please..
twisty said:
tonight, I was sleeply
you young mfrs are weak.. SEND THE PICS! I am calling Brian tomorrow to see if he can email me the pics and if he sends them to me before you I will do un-natural things to your jerky mfr.. lol.. :welcome:
Gas Man said:
Oh crap, he's going to mess with the jerky!!! You better fix this REAL F'in quick Twisty!! :D
Actually I have the rest of the day off so production begins today - Twisty's batch is up first..
Day 42 - We are out of water. The food supply ran out 4 days ago. We had to sacrifice Sharky for the good of the club. The liver was good but no onions. Now everyone is nervously wondering if they are the next to be eaten. Hope of being found has now been forgotten. Most of us sleep with one eye open hoping not to be violated or eaten in our sleep. The leader of our tribe is Rev's Arai helmet that was salvaged from the wreckage and was the coolest anyways. We stuck Sharky's head in it to make us feel less :screwy: Sometimes I actually think he is still talking to me, especially at night when he tells me to annihilate the club in one swift blow. I renamed him Son of Sam. Still no pictures. If we had those April 2005 track pictures maybe we could find a way out but the picture guru is off on the other side of the island somewhere cropping and trying to make them pretty. We don't know if he has been eaten by wild beasts or if he is just that slow.

I tried calling Brian today and his number is disconnected. :cursin: Does anyone have his number or home number or something? Address? I could mail him a letter to email me his pics..
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