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Wow today is one of those days the tourists pay for...It is going to be 85 here today and sunny to partly cloudy... I am taking the Bee back to work and leaving early for a quick flight around the Big Bend. OK, class, get out your atlas and find Talley, here is the flight plan. We head straight south to St Marks, turn right onto 98 and cruise along the Gulf. Passing through Panacea, where there is a really cool city park right on the Gulf with a small pier and dock, we head westerly to Carrabelle. We have been on the road for almost an hour now and there are a couple of Tiki joints on the beach where we stop for a cool beverage. Taking 67 north from Carrabelle toward Hitchcock Lake, we enter the forest. It looks plain enough, but what is not on your atlas are the very well paved and virtually deserted county/forest roads used for service, fire and local residents. Here is where you can LET THE BIG DOG EAT. there are some twisties and a little elevation, but here is what you bought your bike for!! As we come out on 267 near Bloxham, we meet up with 20 and cruise back to Talley. Our flight time today is just a little over 2 hours, unless of course we run into turbulence from the local constabulary, and we will be back in Tally to watch the evening news. We hope you will come and enjoy a flight with the Bumblebee and see the "other side of FLA" Please secure all belongings and we will send a truck back for the squids who ended up in the woods
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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