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Military Discount

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Just wondering if any of you guys have gotten it on anything you've purchased on line... if so where? and how much of a discount?

I just recieved a e-mail from after e-mailing them about some of their undertails and exhaust... they offer a 10% with free shipping:dthumb: ...

if you know of anymore... POST UP!
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I'm thinking that the only way they'll offer it is if you call and ask...

Yeah I'm gonna be doing alot more shopping arround... got alot of time on my hands... lol:willy: said:
Most of us online retailers who are reasonable will offer some sort of military discount if asked. How we handle it is the discount depends on the purchase. If it's something we can give you a 20% discount on, that's your discount. If it's something we can only discount 5%, that's the discount. My brother-in-law served overseas for a year, so I have a soft spot for military men and women for doing what they do, so I try to give us nice of a discount as I can.

I would definitely recommend emailing or calling companies and asking. Plus, the discounts you mentioned already sound really good. Definitely not something to pass up!

Oh I definatly understand... and just so it's understood... I'm not trying to say I'm not gonna buy something unless they give me a discount... I was just wondering if anyone else had found an online retailer that offered it... personally I'll look to see if they offer what I want at a decent price... if they do... THEN I ask... if they don't... and it's something I need... I buy it... if it's not I'll wait... but if they do all the better... but it's not going to make or break a deal... unless it's a LARGE discount... :lol:

I've been e-mailing the companies that I've found products I like... still waiting to hear back... but like I said... doesn't make or break the deal...

now off to the speedwerks website:wink:
rider76 said:
So Laura, how do you tell a service person from a imposter?
that's what I was wondering... maybe handle it though a .mil e-mail account? said:
I didn't read it that way at all. What I was just trying to say was that a military discount isn't something we all put out in the's hard online to verify who is military and who isn't. That's why I think it never hurts to ask...and every little bit helps! Definitely! Good luck in your search! :)

I didn't think you did... I just wanted to make sure everyone else who stumbles upon this thread doesn't. I worked in Retal for 6 years before I came in the military... and good customer service will get my buisness and keep my buisness over a discount... maybe it's just me:2cents:
I'm lookin into a 520 conversion as we speek. I'll find out tomorrow what it's gonna cost. I got a good return this year and I think I'm gonna do it. My current chain has 15K on it now, so I think it's a good time to change it up.
hit up speedwerks... both Laura and Brian are some of the most helpefull people I've run accross in a while...:2cents:
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