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Hmmm Where do I start..

It is very late we just got back in...

First I must thank Ford.. This guy is a true stunter... Ford went to the show to participate with us.. Fords 929 started rod knocking and Preacher voluntered to give up his 1000 to ford to ride..lets remeber only 2 people other than preacher have rode this bike.. that is Ford and Droptop... This bike is mint.. With a few adjustments of the clutch ford was out there killing it...U know preachers got love for ya if he let ya go out there and tear it up...

Second.. I would like to thank Ralph and the people at Milwaukee Bike Rally. For all there support and help.. I know u guys were a little leary at first.. But u guys were very supportive.. AOB was very happy to be there and apperciates the invite back for next year....

Hmm the rest I could go on and on for days.. Good news.. No Injureis.. We really dont have any bad news except for fords 929 rod knock.. but we parked it right away so he should be able to fix it..

We got tons of pictures and videos..

Everything from tires blowing up, to bike fires, to cigars being lit off of glowing red exhaust pipes..

I could go on and on for days.. I am sure I will post more up.. we got tons of pics to post..

So I will post more..

Preacher and Ford nothing but love to both of you.. and thanks for the support... I couldnt have chosen to be in a smaller stunt area with anyone else!!!! :cheers

Here are some of the pics.. I will post everything else up as I get time.. There was so much!!!

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