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Miserable Snow...

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Alright, this is going to be a thread for all of us $hitty weathered people to rant and complain about the snow!! :cursin:

What we don't want to hear is people like Bee telling us how good he or she has it!! :upset: :disapp:

I enjoyed the desent weather last week but it's back to the nasty winter stuff that I hate. We got about 2in last night and are suppose to be getting 3-5 tonight and another 3-5 tomorrow.

And I know Twisty is going to get more than that...

So let's here it :sadwave:
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I want some snow as well. Just blow really hard Gas Man and make it move this way. :lol: :dthumb: are not right.

Pic was removed by DJ.
Need4Speed750 said:
Snow sux!! No snow.. Snow equals no the hell with it.. Dont want it, u can keep that shiat up north gas man!!!

We have our bikes put away for the winter...whats it matter now. LOL Let it snow, let it snow.

Hey...coming out of your apartment complex in the winter when it snows looks like its going to be a pain in the arse with the curve right there. You know how the idiots are around here. :bash:
No calling off. Put some skis on and go for it. LOL :bonk:
double2000r6 said:
DJ you better hope the Prez doesn't see that - he will whoop your punk arse.. Damn man that is just wrong.. E will not be happy with that.. I no longer claim affiliation to this or any thread that DJ partakes in.. You might want to edit that shyt...

Its removed. You know I found that looking for a pic of a "squid".
Gas Man said:
It's been snowing all F'in morning here!!! :rant: :cursin: :bonk:

LOL How much snow are you to get today?
:withstupi :withstupi
1 - 7 of 104 Posts
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