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Miserable Snow...

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Alright, this is going to be a thread for all of us $hitty weathered people to rant and complain about the snow!! :cursin:

What we don't want to hear is people like Bee telling us how good he or she has it!! :upset: :disapp:

I enjoyed the desent weather last week but it's back to the nasty winter stuff that I hate. We got about 2in last night and are suppose to be getting 3-5 tonight and another 3-5 tomorrow.

And I know Twisty is going to get more than that...

So let's here it :sadwave:
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Gee GasMan....I am really sorry about your cold, snowy, freezing, slushie weather...I guess then, you don't want me to tell you it was 79 here today. Or that it got hot and I had to put a bandana on my head so I wouldn't sweat up my helmet...And I know you don't want me to tell you I had to break out the light textile jacket because it was really hot here today. Off4ever called and said they got nearly a foot in Des Moines. I am sorry :whistle: about the weather and I feel your pain :yesnod:
Gas Man said:
Bee there is just something wrong with you... :yesnod: I said we didn't want to hear that crap in this thread!!! :upset: And fix your signature there is some extra spaces... are.... :scratch: ....a...... :disapp: ....just messed up!! :bonk:
I had to put the spaces in so a certain blonde could read the joke and understand it. Hey, I hate snow too, that is why I live here now, and may be moving farther south! I still have my farm in Illinois and I get up there about once a month...I just try to stay away from the snow!
GSXR750DJ said:
Its removed. You know I found that looking for a pic of a "squid".

I am glad I downloaded a copy to disk when I first saw it. I didn't realize that's how you feel. I can oblige ya if that's what you want
1 - 3 of 104 Posts
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