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Miserable Snow...

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Alright, this is going to be a thread for all of us $hitty weathered people to rant and complain about the snow!! :cursin:

What we don't want to hear is people like Bee telling us how good he or she has it!! :upset: :disapp:

I enjoyed the desent weather last week but it's back to the nasty winter stuff that I hate. We got about 2in last night and are suppose to be getting 3-5 tonight and another 3-5 tomorrow.

And I know Twisty is going to get more than that...

So let's here it :sadwave:
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Maybe this will be the end of winter! :skep:
didnt someone say that last time it snowed? :bash: i hate OH weather, i couldnt imagine Mich :screwy: seems like weather like this we should make a snowmobile thread!!! :cursin:
Now they're forecasting snow and rain like almost the whole damn week!! :wtf: :rant: :sob:
:sorry: :h20:
101 - 104 of 104 Posts
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