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Missing dll file. WTF!!

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OK so I went to install Adobe 7.0 full version the other day and I was missing a dll file. So I attempted to repair windows xp pro today. Well I got totally screwed. Some how everything on my hard drive got corrupted. I lost everything on my 2 hard drives. :cursin:

I had to go back to windows 2k pro and I freakin hate it! I need to locate my win xp sp1 because I know that version works fine, this new win xp sp2 disc I have is missing dll files in itself.:cursin:

:damn: I've got alot of work to do :cursin:
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dll = Dynamic Link Library

Basically, dll files are the guts of your installed applications. Whenever you install something, it's putting dll files on your machine. Without the proper dll files, programs are unable to run.
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