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Missing dll file. WTF!!

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OK so I went to install Adobe 7.0 full version the other day and I was missing a dll file. So I attempted to repair windows xp pro today. Well I got totally screwed. Some how everything on my hard drive got corrupted. I lost everything on my 2 hard drives. :cursin:

I had to go back to windows 2k pro and I freakin hate it! I need to locate my win xp sp1 because I know that version works fine, this new win xp sp2 disc I have is missing dll files in itself.:cursin:

:damn: I've got alot of work to do :cursin:
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I have also successfully used the restore point a few times, but the OS got so screwed up I couldn't even get to that point.
Gas Man said:
THis is why I hate computers... they just suck!
it's not the computer's just you.:lol: :whistle:

Sometimes these things can just be a P.I.T.A.
Sweet! I had my copy of windows XP sent to me in the mail, and got the OS all fixed now. bye bye windows 2000! Now it's just too bad I can't recover the lost data. :damn: but oh well....
Gas Man said:
I hate when dat happens!
yeah me too....kinda like flooded laptops.

I have actually got that laptop to come on a few times, but there is still something majorly screwed up in there.
jeeps84 said:
Flood again?:scratch:
oh no, from the old flood.
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