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Missing Out

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:nonod: This is bad me being in a different time zone OK OK i know its ireland and like 20 years behind anyhow but i was reading a thread very interesting it was to and it hit me a lot of you guys are up outa bed been to word got home had a few beers came in here and im like only getting up DAM no chance of real time chats here then. :nonod:

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Yeah well it's 02:24am here!
bumblebee said:
Sorry, but it's always summer here...we divide the year by dry season and Hurricane season... :dthumb:
And you ain't jokin either! :nonod: :lol:
BabyNinja said:
I hear ya. In PA we have 2 seasons--winter and construction. :lol:
Us here in Michigan too!! :cursin:
I'm so confused by your post decay! but maybe I just didn't read enough of the thread... oh well!
decay said:
Sorry, my American mustn't be as good as I thought! :wink:

I was asking if Americans have inter-city or inter-state rivalries. Over here, people from Sydney love to hate people from Melbourne. It's all in good fun of course and not meant to be taken too seriously.

decay you american is fine... I just wan't sure why it was brought up.

Anyway, other than Graff's POV on NY'ers I would say no... besides most people don't like hippie California peeps... sorry Bull. But Cali, is the home of hippie liberal POS'!
I think it's a great topic... maybe Shan or DJ can split it off for us...
1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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