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Missing Out

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:nonod: This is bad me being in a different time zone OK OK i know its ireland and like 20 years behind anyhow but i was reading a thread very interesting it was to and it hit me a lot of you guys are up outa bed been to word got home had a few beers came in here and im like only getting up DAM no chance of real time chats here then. :nonod:

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decay said:
Try being on the other side of the planet ..... and to make it worse, it's winter over here and you guys are in the middle of summer!

:leaving: :lol:

Hey, I know a girl from Aussie. My friend is there in Melbourne working at the U.S. Embassy. I wanna move to Aussie or at least visit.

I'm on here usually all the time as I have no job yet and nothing to do since I can't ride without freaking plates. The cops here told me that it is "at the officers discretion" if they pull me over and want to give me a ticket for not having plates. Figure I'd help them out and put the undertail on, tell them the plates got stolen (should have new ones in about two weeks) and that the bike is my only form of transportation. ((Snakeman, I don't have to tell them about the Cavalier sitting in the parking lot, do I?))
decay said:
Melbourne is a pretty happening place. Gets pretty cold down there! They say you can get four seasons in one day in Melbourne.

It's one of the places that Sydney-siders love to hate. There's a lot of rivalry between the two cities ... you know "mine's bigger than yours" type of thing. The only good thing that comes out of Melbourne is the highway!

Do you guys have that sort of thing over there? Like people in New York hate people from some other city? Or people in one state don't like people from another state? Does the same go for sports?


Shiot Decay,

EVERYONE hates NYers! Well, I should rephrase that. People OUTSIDE NY hate NYers and we hate them too (most of them anyways). We, in NY, even hate the fellow NYers. Cause like when you say you are from NY, that is to include NYC and Long Island. It DOES NOT include UP State NY!

I've gotten into fights with people over it, verbally. Just got into one physical fight but that kid, I punched him once in the head and he went down. He had a knot on the side of his head the next day the size of a softball.

But most people from NY know and understand the difference and will tell you exactly where they are from NY or NY State.
Gas Man said:
decay you american is fine... I just wan't sure why it was brought up.

Anyway, other than Graff's POV on NY'ers I would say no... besides most people don't like hippie California peeps... sorry Bull. But Cali, is the home of hippie liberal POS'!

Gas Man, my POV on NYers, that is with any true NYer. Someone who has been born and raised there, yeah, they'll tell you the same thing or they should cause if they aren't then they are tellin' a lie.

You know there are like little "rivalries" between like people in the NE and like the South ("The South Shall Rise Again!"). And you know the whole East Coast - West Coast rivaly. And the people in Texas think it is the shiot here, they like want Texas to be it's own country.
decay said:
Well I only brought it up because I'd think it's interesting to read about how people live in other countries.

The only idea I get of what life's like in America is what I see on Alias and CSI. And I'm pretty sure that you all don't look like Jennifer Garner. :drool:

So expect some stupid questions in the near future!



It's cool man, the only stupid questions are the unasked ones. Most of the things said here you just don't take to heart. Usually we are just playin' around.
Yeah, it is a good topic. Now we need more information on Aussie though...
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