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Missing Rider - Please read

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I wasn't sure where to post this, so mods, if it would be more approppriate somewhere else, please move it.

I'm a member of a local forum here in the northbay area north of SF. One of our members left for school (Santa Rosa Junior College) on Monday morning on her Tuono, and hasn't been seen since. She had a lot on her mind, she never made it to class, no usages of her CC or Debit card, just to throw out a few facts. I didn't even think about posting this until now as there's been a great buzz in the motorcycle community around here about this. Massive searches by local riders of the surrounding forums have been going on since Thursday, scouring all the "good riding roads".

Please take a look HERE for a good directory of links to info and facts.

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Gas Man said:
:scratch: I wonder what they are trying to do? Wouldn't the police be doing all of this? Either way I wish them luck with their search...

And you put it in the perfect forum...
You'd think so, but right now they're only treating with checks of accidents and hospital admittance. There was some collections from some members to get a chopper out to look in some areas that one cannot see from the road side. Still, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Hinks said:
Yeah, North aby sport riders is my "stomping ground" and findbigred I believe was done by a close friend of her family.
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