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Mladin Crashes at Daytona

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Here's an article with Jason Pridmore's account of the accident: Clicky

And here's the update on Mladin: Clicky Too
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Okay, I was in a snowmobile accident like three years ago. I hit a hidden burm on the down side of a power line trail doing like 30 mph. Me and the skidoo got shot straight up in the air off this unexpected big a$$ pile of snow. The snowmobile was pointed straight up in the air and I was kinda floating standing behind it still hanging onto the handle bars.

IT WAS SURREAL!!!!! But since it was on a steep downhill we just kept falling down the hill virtually parallel to the ground. As I'm standing there in mid air I had two thoughts. The first was "Well, I guess I don't need this anymore!" so I gave the sled a push and watched it float away. Literally it was like a movie filmed in space, everything was slow-mo and just lasted forever. As I watched the sled move away from me my second thought was "This is gonna hurt." Followed aburptly by me hitting the ground and tumbling somewhat blacked out and semi conscious.

Getting rid of that sled was the best thing for me. My dad, cousin, and uncle watched the whole thing unfurl from the base of the hill. When the sled finally touched down it was violent! Landed dead on it's ass and tumbled end over end while spinning. I think my parents still have it collecting dust in the back forty someplace. It's about a foot shorter and missing a whole bunch of pieces of pieces. Needless to say I think Mladins bike and the old sled have about the same number of usefull components. Meanwhile, I just did the rag doll dance until I came to rest a good twenty feet from the pile of debris. Had I not let go when I did, this story would not be nearly as humourous.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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