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*MORE 99-02 SV650 Parts For Sale*

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*[email protected]@K MORE 99-02 SV650 Parts For Sale*

I am parting out more parts that were not listed in my other SV parts for sale thread. A friend reserved these parts a few weeks ago however he hasn't came up with the money in the past two oh well I need to get these parts out. Make a reasonable offer..sold as must pay shipping, which I won't rip you off on either.

Speedo Gauge cluster $200.00 OBO
Headlight with brackets $75.00 OBO
Ignition with OEM key $35.00 OBO

Front wheel $150.00 OBO

Front Forks $150.00 OBO
I also have the upper and lower triples. I will sell complete for $175.00 OBO

Shift lever with connection rod $40.00
Left/Right pegs and brackets $40.00 (other side not shown..but I have it..they are like brand new..never used.)
Clutch lever $10.00

Again Make a Reasonable Offer...send me a PM or email to [email protected]
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JK_DILLA said:
i'll be buzzing you hopefully soon.
Cool.. :dthumb:
keep in mind I still have some things still for sale in my other thread also. Click the F/S next to my sig to access that thread.
Gas Man said:

SV do you want me to merge the 2 SV parts threads or somin?
yeah that will be great! Now the mystery can you make it where I can edit what's been sold??????
Gas Man said:
Well first I can merge it... than you can edit your posts! :lol:

Or I can just close both of them and you can start a fresh one! That way it is easier for the people to find what is STILL for sale, versus searching thru 3-4 pages of posts!
Well bee was getting on me about posting pics of the parts I still have left :lol:
bumblebee said:
Hey the new pics look great...Now if you will just take care of that clutter from the other thread... :lol:
:scratch: bee...I haven't made the new thread yet..I will get to that here in a little bit :lol:
Gas Man said:
Make the new thread and then I'll close these ones and link them back to the new one! COOL?
cool...but my pics are pending approval... :cursin: :tt: :tt: :tt: :lol:
Gas Man said:
No they aren't! I approved them all!! :skep: :D
yeah I saw that...I had 25 new emails in my outlook!!!!!!!! :lol:
Gas Man said:
I'll do the updated pics when I get off work. It's getting too late for me to mess with all that now.
1 - 8 of 16 Posts
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