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The Other Guy is still deadly: The object motorcyclists most often collided with were passenger cars. In half of the collision accidents, the driver of the other vehicle was judged to have made the primary error that caused the crash, and he failed to "perceive" the motorcyclist in 70 percent of the two--vehicle collisions. In 37 percent of the the accidents with a partner, it was the motorcyclist who created the problem. As other research has concluded, drivers with motorcycling experience are more likely to see and avoid motorcyclists. causing the majority of accidents..hhmmm :shock: :nonod:

Makes the MSF even more appealing doesnt it..but...The study concludes that "73.1% of all PTW riders attempted some form of collision avoidance immediately prior to impact. Of these, 32% experienced some type of loss of control during the manoeuvre."

interesting reading boss. :thumbs:
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