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Motorcycle Covers...

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I did a search for motorcycle covers, and didnt turn up anything..unless I missed if I did, please forgive me.

But anyhow.. What kinda of motorcycle cover do you use? Whats the best? Anything that I should stear clear of ?

I found these on speedwerks website. Currently I have one similar to this, that I got off ebay a few years back...but its getting alittle old and should be replaced.
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I have a Guardian Secure by Dowco. It is lined across the front to not scratch the body work and has a flap covering vent hole to let moisture out. It has 4 pockets around the corners and came with a 120 decibel alarm about the size of a pack of cigarettes. It has a strap that attaches some where on the bike, I use a front wheel spoke, and has a pull pin. If someone tries to lift the cover, the pin is pulled and the alarm sounds. Family bought it for me for Father's Day, Spent around 90 I believe. I feel a cover is a little added security when you are out. People don't usually mess with what they don't see. When covered and cabled, they don't know if it is a sportbike or dirt bike. Do check the charts for fit. Most will list covers for specific bikes
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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