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Motorcycle Covers...

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I did a search for motorcycle covers, and didnt turn up anything..unless I missed if I did, please forgive me.

But anyhow.. What kinda of motorcycle cover do you use? Whats the best? Anything that I should stear clear of ?

I found these on speedwerks website. Currently I have one similar to this, that I got off ebay a few years back...but its getting alittle old and should be replaced.
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Dowco protector

Dowco protector-- thats hte cover ive got, very nice, thick water repellant cover.. u cna lock it up and its very durable... i love the cover and far as i know it wasnt really expensive... but it was a gift so i dont know the price...
But id recommend it, take care of it and itll last forever. lifetime warrnaty on the material and stiching. I park mine under a carport and think itll last me longer then the bike does.

k i just looked up the cover.... 69-89$.. i got a medium and it fits great, prob around 75$
Made from medium weight, water-repellent polyester
Protector guards against weather, scrapes, scratches and sun damage to paint and leather
Six sizesto fit the smallest sport to the largest touring model
The new medium size is designed specifically to tailor fit today's sportbikes
Sizes Large and up include flannel windshield liner
Rigid Moisture-Guard vent expels condensation
Aluminum heat shield panels allow engine and pipes to be covered immediately
Lockable and theft resistant with reinforced grommets that work with cable or bar locks
Shock cord in entire hem ensures secure fit
Available in grey with silver side panels.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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