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Motorcycle Covers...

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I did a search for motorcycle covers, and didnt turn up anything..unless I missed if I did, please forgive me.

But anyhow.. What kinda of motorcycle cover do you use? Whats the best? Anything that I should stear clear of ?

I found these on speedwerks website. Currently I have one similar to this, that I got off ebay a few years back...but its getting alittle old and should be replaced.
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the bike stays in the garage during the winter, but its not a heated one..well, unless im out there working and turn on the space heaters.

one thing though, do most of them come with some type of lining on the inside so they dont scratch up the finish ? Not so much of a big deal in the garage..but when going on long rides, camping out etc..when the wind is flapping up against it..dont want any scratches.
No problems with condensation building up at all, under the cover, in temperature changes or anything, when it was stored outside either?

I appreciate that! thank you. Also need something that easily packs up to take on trips, etc. for when it may be stored outside for awhie.
Thanks !! I'll check it out!
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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