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Motorcycle Leasing?

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While I was at my local dealership the other day, I talked to a guy who buys a new bike every couple years. he basicly leaves them stock, with the exception of sliders, and other minor mods.Anyway the guy tells me that with the constant improvements that sportbikes go thru ( redesign every two years) he just has to have the latest one.

So this got me wondering why don't the big 4 japanesse lease bikes? it seems that you could get new riders from the start. Sell them a entry level bike to cut their teeth on, then 2,3 years down the road, they turn it in and buy something bigger or faster or maybe a different style for bike.

Suzuki and honda lease cars, why not bikes. Of course there would be insurance requirements and other legal issues, but I don't see why this couldn't be done?

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+ it's way too easy for a bike to be totaled out.
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