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I just got my license this year, and there were 6 different obstacle type tests I had to perform.

Sharp turn: You ride a short path and then make a sharp left turn at low speed while staying inside a 5-foot path.

Normal stop: You must make a smooth stop without skidding, with the front tire of your motorcycle in a painted box.

Cone weave: You must weave through a series of five cones which are place 12 feet apart with a 2-foot offset.

U-Turn: You must make a right U-turn in a marked area. Those operating motorcycles with more than 500 cc are allowed extra room to complete the U-turn.

Quick Stop: You accelerate along a straight path. At the end of the path which is marked by cones, you must stop your motorcycle as quickly and safely as possible.

Obstacle turn: You accelerate along a straight path. At the end of the path which is marked by cones, you must swerve to avoid an obstacle line and then swerve again to avoid the sideline
While performing the tasks you get marked down for stalling, putting down feet, crossing over the lines, not stopping fast enough, etc. If you dump the test is immediately over.

A few of the tests were ridiculous. For the sharp turn... I mean really sharp... I would normally have my feet down for extra balance. Bigger bikes were not given any extra space. The quick stop was also lame. You accelerate then stop. You aren't given credit for how fast you were going before you stopped.

I've alsways thought they needed something for people renewing licenses... motorcycle as well as car/truck. There are so many people who should not be allowed out there on the roads. With the exhorbitant rates of plates, renewals and the like they should have on road tests for everyone renewing. If not every 4 years, then every 8 at least. The costs could be covered by the insurance companies who won't have to pay out so much with the unsafe drivers off the roads. Maybe that's pushing it, but I think I'm on the right track.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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