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Motorcycle plate question....

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As I was out driving from the mother-in-laws home coming and 3BoyzNaBike came up to an older Triumph with a regular car dealer tags on it.

Is that aload?? Can you ride a bike around with a dealer tag from a car on a motorcycle??
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I don't think so, but if he made it home or back to the shop, more power to him!

At least here in michigan, they do make dealer MC plates!
Well, Michigan has temp plates for MC's and they are just a little bigger than a standard MC plate.... but nuttin stupid like the size of car plates!

I know that when I had a temp plate, I took it off and put it in my jacket. I didn't want it to blow off and that's what I would have told the cop too!
Oh, I think they could get away with it but it sure would look stupid.
JYJ.... 4 times? What gives with that?
I had a buddy of mine had the same thing happen in Michigan. He just went thru cars that fast. He was always buyin and sellin...
Interesting Jon.... but dang!
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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