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Motorcycle plate question....

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As I was out driving from the mother-in-laws home coming and 3BoyzNaBike came up to an older Triumph with a regular car dealer tags on it.

Is that aload?? Can you ride a bike around with a dealer tag from a car on a motorcycle??
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junk yard jon said:
in michigan it's a no no.alot of dealer's use the plate's for personal use,which your not aloud.they will tow,impound,and give you ticket's.i found out the hard way 4 time's.
I use to be a used car dealer and only used dealer plates and insurance.
Its allot cheaper than paying for tags and insurance on several different vehicles at once.
I used two plate for personal use and only had problems in the wee hours and once out of state.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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