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Motorcycle plate question....

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As I was out driving from the mother-in-laws home coming and 3BoyzNaBike came up to an older Triumph with a regular car dealer tags on it.

Is that aload?? Can you ride a bike around with a dealer tag from a car on a motorcycle??
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in michigan it's a no no.alot of dealer's use the plate's for personal use,which your not aloud.they will tow,impound,and give you ticket's.i found out the hard way 4 time's.
i still use a dealer plate.the police are getting more strict around here
Gas Man said:
JYJ.... 4 times? What gives with that?
first time i was going to silver lake on vacation,no taxes paid.second time going up north for the weekend,no taxes paid and towed car cause the cop couldn't find the serial number on the motor.third time,no taxes paid and improper use of plate.i was going to work from home.fourth time,improper use of plate and they towed the car.each time the ticket's were dropped.just so every one know's,in michigan you are allowed to sell 6 car's a year before getting a dealer liscence.there also making it harder to get one.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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