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Hello its me again :lol:

I'm just wondering what everyone's watching these days! I'm huge into movies. I love collecting movies. I love everything from what's out at the theaters to the really old b&w classics...

so...what's everyone's fav, and why! :dthumb:

Carrie :ffedback:
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since she is banned...does this mean we can have a bash hooters thread???
I say we do it until Daddy comes home and catches us...then we split! :dthumb: :lol:
Here's a joke I just told 99birdv6 who is sitting here on the couch...

At a world wide medical convention, several doctors were sitting around bragging about their accomplishments.

The Israeli doctor stood up and said, "In my country, we can transplant a man's kidney, and have him up looking for work in a week."

Pierre, The French doctor, not to be outdone, Stood up and said, " In my country, we can transplant a man's heart and have him out in a week looking for work.

Kevin, The Doctor from Texas stood up and smiled, " Well, y'all seem pretty proud of nothing. In My state, we took a man with NO brain, put him in the White House, and now half the country is looking for work."
Gas Man said:
I seen Criminal the other night... didn't like it at first and throgh most of the film...till the end... then it was great! All the un-answered questions throughtout the whole movie come together and make the movie good!

Well we definitely know it's not the Miranda Story...all those questions are still unanswered...
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