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Hello its me again :lol:

I'm just wondering what everyone's watching these days! I'm huge into movies. I love collecting movies. I love everything from what's out at the theaters to the really old b&w classics...

so...what's everyone's fav, and why! :dthumb:

Carrie :ffedback:
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Hey no bashing... I might only qualify as a big brother and not daddy but I wouldn't if I were you.

If this thread doesn't go anywhere on the topic I will just close it...
I seen Criminal the other night... didn't like it at first and throgh most of the film...till the end... then it was great! All the un-answered questions throughtout the whole movie come together and make the movie good!
DVD... it was produced by George Clooney...and has a very similar story line as Oceans 11 & 12... but you don't know it till the end when the big twist is told...
One of my top picks would be Man on Fire with Denzel in it... absolutely GREAT! He's F'in ruthless!
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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