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Moving to Montgomery

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Finally! I got my job in the south..., my girl's been there, and I finally get the 12-months of riding that only seemed a distant dream before....

Anyway, any folks from that area? I'm looking for some good folks to ride with, maybe show me the fun back roads. Should be a good change from the flat cornfields of Indiana - lol.

Hit me up, or post up if you're game for new riders in that area. BTW..., I ride an 04 R6..., getting set up for the track..., hoping to hit Barber a couple times this summer, and will definitely be there for the AMA's 4/22 through 4/24.
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bumblebee said:
Yo!! Welcome to the South!!! We need some more numbers here... Hey just down the road a coupla' hours is Tally!...Maybe we can get together some time....Welcome to TWF

Build a bigger house Bee, we will all move down :lol:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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