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MSF Beginner Course...

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Ok, so today was the first riding portion of the MSF Beginner Course that I'm taking this weekend. I was ok, having never ridden a bike before one instructor said I did well.

They did this thing of "Stopping on command" where the guy would throw his arms out when he wanted you to stop. The 'nice instructor' was very helpful as he would give good instruction on anything if you were like messing up or such.

The other guy, well, I guess it's a "good cop - bad cop" thing. He like threw his hands up in the middle of me shifting from 1st to 2nd, which was approximately 10' past the start point, I couldn't get my foot around to the gear shift to put it back into first and it hit the floor.

The 'nice instructor' was really cool about it, said that if you drop it on test day, you'd fail but he said that I did well other than that.


After my ranting and raving, I guess I have a question as to this:

When you do the actual driving "test" of the MSF Beginner course, what does it entail?

I've been told that the DMV road test and (from friends who have taken the MSF Beginner Course) that the test is just a "figure 8". The guy that was the instructor at the in-class portion of the MSF Course said all you would have to do for the driving test portion was like go straight, left turn, go straigh, right turn, go strait and stop.

Is this true? What has been your experiences?

Thanks and sorry for the rambling,

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I watched my wife take the final riding test and it was almost exactly as Bull described.

The stop on command is to simulate a panic stop.
EX. If you are pulling away from a stop sign and granny backs out in front of you from the next drive.

It does need to be a habit to be in first gear at every stop.
Panic stops, we all do the best we can.
Or did it just seem that way?

He may have just been giving special attention to the ones he thought need it.

Or bad luck/timing on you run.
Just do the best you can.
That's all anybody can ask.

Just don't let clashing attitudes make you blind to what they are trying to teach you. :luck:
Congrats on passing the course. :dthumb:
Be safe on that R6 and remember not to much gas puling out from a turn.
The figure 8 has to be the toughest thing.
1 - 5 of 42 Posts
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