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MSF Beginner Course...

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Ok, so today was the first riding portion of the MSF Beginner Course that I'm taking this weekend. I was ok, having never ridden a bike before one instructor said I did well.

They did this thing of "Stopping on command" where the guy would throw his arms out when he wanted you to stop. The 'nice instructor' was very helpful as he would give good instruction on anything if you were like messing up or such.

The other guy, well, I guess it's a "good cop - bad cop" thing. He like threw his hands up in the middle of me shifting from 1st to 2nd, which was approximately 10' past the start point, I couldn't get my foot around to the gear shift to put it back into first and it hit the floor.

The 'nice instructor' was really cool about it, said that if you drop it on test day, you'd fail but he said that I did well other than that.


After my ranting and raving, I guess I have a question as to this:

When you do the actual driving "test" of the MSF Beginner course, what does it entail?

I've been told that the DMV road test and (from friends who have taken the MSF Beginner Course) that the test is just a "figure 8". The guy that was the instructor at the in-class portion of the MSF Course said all you would have to do for the driving test portion was like go straight, left turn, go straigh, right turn, go strait and stop.

Is this true? What has been your experiences?

Thanks and sorry for the rambling,

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Ah, thanks. Someone else told me the same thing, except for the obstacle part. Oh well, we'll see. Hopefully I pass.

Once again, thanks for all the feedback. Hopefull it is like the pictures at the back of the Colorado DMV manual that I have DLed.

Gas Man,

See the thing about the shifting was that he wanted you back into first when you stopped at his command. But I read the Colorado DMV guide and it doesn't have any of that "stop on command" stuff.

This is what it said:

You will be tested on the following exercises:
• Sharp Left Turn – stay inside the boundaries of the
course and do not put a foot down or touch any
• Normal Stop – do not skid.
• Offset Cone Weave – (cones are set 12 feet apart and
offset 1 foot either side of a center line) do not skip
or touch any cones or put a foot down.
• Right U-Turn – do not put a foot down until the exercise
is completed or touch the lines designated for
your size motorcycle.
• Quick Stop – from approximately 12 - 20 MPH, stop
the motorcycle safely but as quickly as you can. You
are not marked down if you skid. This exercise is
also used to test 3-wheel motorcycle operators.
• Obstacle Swerve – from approximately 12 - 20 MPH,
swerve the motorcycle safely to the right or left of
the obstacle line, staying inside the indicated boundaries.
Do not touch the obstacle line or the
boundaries. This exercise is also used to test 3-wheel
motorcycle operators.
Note: You must not stall the engine on any exercise.
Remember if at any time you feel an exercise is too
difficult, you may stop the testing. You, as the rider,
are aware of your abilities and your experience on the
motorcycle. The examiner is not. However, for safety’s
sake, the examiner may also stop the testing if it becomes
apparent that you need more practice on the
Colorado Motorcycle Operator’s Handbook

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Who's gonna say I'd be an idiot to go buy the bike and continue to learn if I don't pass the test? I'm not saying I won't and hopefully I don't fail, but in the event I do?



I guess I'm just venting because I did not see the instructor do what he did to me to anyone else that was there. Kinda figured he didn't like me and this other girl that he was kinda hard on cause we didn't have any driving experience on a bike or in a car that has a manual transmission. Everyone else had experience riding something be it dirt, street or dual.
Well, that is a thought. I mean I have an old habit, from when I rode quads back in the day, of covering the front brake with two fingers so he got mad at that but I think he was mad from the get go. He was biznatchin' about how he had to work this weekend when it is Mother's Day and he has a wife and things to do on his house. So I don't know. Kinda upsetting though.

Thanks Jeeps.

Well Gas Man, I thank you for your advice and vote of confidence. Well, I took the tests today (riding and written) but....


I'm pickin' up my 2005 R6 on Wednsday so I'll let you know how that goes. Any tips for the first ride?

Thanks again,


PS -->> I really enjoy this forum so much, I gave the website to my classmates at the MSF Beginner Course. They said they're gonna check it out. Gave 'em my name as a "Referrer".
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I was going to get it if I failed or passed the MSF Course. But I passed so it ain't nothing to worry about.
I will take it safe on the R6 everyone, thanks for the advice and concern, it means a lot.

My score, for those who asked or wanted to know, was :

-10 points on the driving (foot down once on the "figure 8", braked in turn cause I went too fast in it, stopping in a "quick stop" too soon)
100 % on the written.

Not bad for a person who is newbie with no experience on bikes, huh?


:cheers: are on me if WOS comes to my area (depending on how many of you there are!)
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AirForceTeacher said:
WTG, Grafix!

Whodid you take the test with? I went to RiderTraining at Chapel Hills

Rider Training Enterprises @ Chapel Hill Mall by the AirForce Academy. They were pretty cool.

Thanks everyone for the congrats on passing.
Congrats. It is fairly easy, the only thing that many people in my class had difficulty with was the "Figure 8 in a box" cause it was tight. Most people put a foot down. I did that, lost 3 points, that was all I missed on the entire testing.
Gas Man said:
I watched this old guy do the figure 8 on a 1500cc full dresser... and he did it perfect! So it can be done. I did it on my old EX500R as well but that's not much to brag about...

I think it can be done with practice and experience. Like the one guy who didn't touch the ground in my class had been riding motocross since he was like 5 and took the test on an enduro so yeah, it was simple as snit for him. But if I practice on my R6, I am sure I'd be able to eventually do it.
Gas Man said:
Crap...I did it on the first attempt back in the day... and I had only been riding for like a month!
But you were still riding. I never got on a bike before I took my MSF course so yeah. Plus they put me on a 'zuki 250 cruiser. I don't remember the model, but the end of the tank by the seat was like 12" wide. Even one of the instructors said that the bike is not fair for the beginner course.
Gas Man said:
Yeah but not for that long. I rode for that month so I had something to go on when I took the class!
I was thinking about doing that. But I wasn't really sure that I'd want to ride so I didn't want to invest the money in a bike. But like after the first day that I took the course, I was like , "HELL YEAH!". So that following Tuesday/Wednsday, I hit the dealers! (they are all closed on Sunday & Monday around in Colorado Springs)
snadamo said:
I still would like to see your R6...any pics?

Here you go Snadamo...
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