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MSF Prez Calls for Motorcycle "Safety Renewal"

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Research doesn't show much benefit from the current rider-education approach that emphasizes just initial motorcycle-rider training. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation thinks that the second or third time is the charm.

Click here for the article... (not real long)

It's about time if you ask me...
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I agree that people should have to take the riding skills portion of the MC test to renew. In Florida, If you have tickets/points on your car license they make you take the written or driving section again to renew. I would like to see something along those lines for MC license. I would object to being forced to attend a mandatory riding course with a $100.00 + price tag to renew. I have 30 years with my MC endorsement and a safe driver label on the front of my license. But I think there should be toughening of the requirements for licensening especially for those with tickets/at fault accidents. Yes, that is me on the bumblebee doing circles and fig 8's in the shopping center parking lot after midnight.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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