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Must aftermarket parts for everyday riding

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Always install on my street bikes :dthumb: All the time I get fellow riders asking me where can they buy them.
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Gas Man said:
Typical BMW mod... goes well with the heated cup holder for your mornin java!
Great mod for those of us who donot like being rear ended :whistle:
Gas Man said:
Yeah yeah!! But it would look :gary: on a sportbike!!
Most bikes I see them on, are sport bikes :crazy:
Gas Man said:
Bull sense you don't understand what a squid is, amongst other things...

There is a fine line between being safe and being a squid! You could wear a reflective traffic vest over your leather and be more safe!!! Would that be cool?

You could cover your bike with some D.O.T. red & white reflective tape to be more safe and visable... Would that be cool?

DUH!! F no!!! Get a clue!
Many motorcycle owner feel wearing helmet is UNCOOL :smash:
Lets hope ALL AUTO drivers see your COOL looking brake light at all time :cheers:
Personaly would feel better installing all protection, over feeling DEAD COOL :dthumb:
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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