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My 01 Kat 750

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This is my 01 750 Kat. This is my first bike and I love this bike. This is my first bike but have road my cousins ZX9 and GSXR1000 and a R6. I still love my Kat. My friend with the R6 has offered me a couple times to trade my Kat for his R6 even but I like my Kat. I know it isn't the fastest bike out and won't pull wheelies or stoppies all day long but I don't need that.

Anyways just looking for some more Kats, new or updated ones from new mods.

Thanks and post all.
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I sold my 750 Kat. and bought my Busa but I miss it alot ...If you were to put gsxr 1100 cams in your Kat like I did u would love it even more,Trust me .
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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