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My adventures continue...

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As I said in my intro thread, I've got my bike pictured to the side there, and it awaits me in storage while I get my gear. I've gone on a few quick runs in the storage area just finding my way for quick bits, but nothing serious. So I've had to wait till another payday to get my equipment.

Only I didn't realize a few things... :lol:

Not only is it the season to get bikes, but to get bike equipment! I had to order my Icon jacket, only to wait two weeks for it cause it was back ordered. Pretty good, considering the jacket just frikkin' came out! I then went this week to get my helmet and glove. Gloves. Check. Some sweet Joe Rockets.

My helmet though... Seems I went to the local shop only to find them completely out of my size helmet. Completely out of Large helmets? Yup, they had a run on helmets YESTERDAY! :cursin:

I went there for an HJC Tribe Helmet, they had one left, but XL. My good fortune though was that they now carry Scorpion helmets, which I read some of you highly recommended. Instead I've now ordered a Scorpion Octane in my size and the color I want, I just have to wait another week!

Someday I'll get on the road... :thumbs:

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Gas Man said:
Glad to hear you have a brain... get your gear then ride... you'll always be glad that you weren't squidly!!

:withstupi I agree as well. :dthumb: Ride safe and smart.
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