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My adventures continue...

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As I said in my intro thread, I've got my bike pictured to the side there, and it awaits me in storage while I get my gear. I've gone on a few quick runs in the storage area just finding my way for quick bits, but nothing serious. So I've had to wait till another payday to get my equipment.

Only I didn't realize a few things... :lol:

Not only is it the season to get bikes, but to get bike equipment! I had to order my Icon jacket, only to wait two weeks for it cause it was back ordered. Pretty good, considering the jacket just frikkin' came out! I then went this week to get my helmet and glove. Gloves. Check. Some sweet Joe Rockets.

My helmet though... Seems I went to the local shop only to find them completely out of my size helmet. Completely out of Large helmets? Yup, they had a run on helmets YESTERDAY! :cursin:

I went there for an HJC Tribe Helmet, they had one left, but XL. My good fortune though was that they now carry Scorpion helmets, which I read some of you highly recommended. Instead I've now ordered a Scorpion Octane in my size and the color I want, I just have to wait another week!

Someday I'll get on the road... :thumbs:

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Glad to hear you have a brain... get your gear then ride... you'll always be glad that you weren't squidly!!
jeeps84 said:
Keep up the good attitude!
This time of year is hard to find gear in stock.
Everybody wants it, and the stores are restocking from slow winter sales.
Yeah it sure sounds like you're a smart guy!!! Glad to have ya around!!!

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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