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My first 2004 Yami R6 test ride

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I went to my HS reunion this weekend which it was held at a club. My best friend rode his R6 to the reunion :bslap:. I have no clue what he was thinking if he was going to have 2 beers all night or what, but he drunk 2 beers and 2 cranberry vodka's. He was stumbling around by 1 am so I wouldn't let him ride his bike home. We all agreed we can't leave the R6 sitting downtown in the club parking lot. He has NEVER let anyone EVER ride his R6, muchless he doesn't like anyone else to sit on it. I told him I am sober enough to ride it to his house and get his car...he didn't know about all that. I had more to drink than him...I had 11 beers, and 1 shot yet I was in good shape. He made me walk a mile downtown while he stumbled the mile just to make sure I didn't stumble before I rode his bike home. I took him home in my truck, then we brung his car back. I jumped on the R6, while he drove his own car home. I took it easy while I was downtown just because of all the cops around. When I got on the bypass I just got on that beotch like no other! I see this bright shift light blinding me at 14k so I shift I look down and I am going 152 MPH :drool: This bike is so smooth and quick it just makes me :drool:. Once I get off the bypass and on to his street, I looked back and I lost my friend 5 miles ago so I :scratch: wheelie time :lol: He always says he can't get the bike to wheelie. Well I did, I didn't do anything major, just a small pop up, glad I let it down because a cop passed me like ten seconds later.
I have got to get this's the exact R6 I want, my friends has everything done to it performance wise so I know a stock R6 won't be quite that fast but I can just make mine that fast. :drool: I must have R6!! :dthumb:
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Captain Morgan said:
First, I have to say that I'm disappointed that you would ride after drinking. You may "think" you're okay to ride/drive, but the first thing affected by alcohol is the ability to think rationally. Second, you are correct in saying the R6 is one heck of a bike. I loved my 05 model and I'm looking forward to owning another one some day. Third, please don't drink and ride again. You survived this time, but please think of the other people you are putting in danger. Okay, I'm off the soap box.
:iagree: :dupe: You stopped one person just to do it your self and then let them drive a cage also. :nonod:
I'm not trying to flame SV. I'm sure he was fine to drive after all that walking and other stuff. I was just pointing out that I don't believe that their is any way for him to have done it all safely and completely sober in the eyes of the law. Its even better that he prevented an obvious drunken person from killing him self and or others.

Come on SV. Think little bit about what your doing.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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